Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Changing Seasons

I am definitely not a hot weather person.  My lungs don't like to cooperate and I always seem to find something that triggers my allergies when its warm.  This summer has been no exception.  Although we did go on a vacation in the beginning of June, I feel like I haven't done many "summer-y" activities.  Sure we've been to a few bbq's and sat in our (thankfully) air conditioned home.  But I tend to stay indoors in the humidity unless I can sit on a beach or live in the water.  I have not been to any local beaches (Cape Cod is usually my favorite, or New Hampshire) which I typically treasure those times.  I have many memories as a child of packing up for the day and going to sit on the beach, play in the water, dig in the sand.  It was a part of my summer.  Of course now, I work and planning ahead for a day at the beach isn't always on my agenda.  I don't have my parents to carry the heavy cooler or make my sandwich.  ;)  This (past) summer my Sunday's consisted of cleaning the house, napping and hanging out close to home.  I guess this is all part of growing up, taking responsibility.  I would have loved the luxury of planning ahead, making sure I have sandwich meats in the house, and packing a lunch to the beach.  But I also know that if we went to the beach it would be a whole new set of exhausting for me…a long walk from the car carrying my gear.  If I had time to plan for the beach, it'd be less exhausting actually being there.  My work schedule doesn't exactly permit me to plan things in advance either so I am working on that.  Hopefully a somewhat new schedule with some weekends off is in my future

I am not saying I regret anything thats happened this summer…on another token it has been wonderfully warm, but not necessarily excruciatingly so.  Of course after last winter, I'd take anything.  Snow up to your shoulders will do that to ya.  No I am not ready for summer to be over, but I do enjoy the cool nights of fall and apple picking and pumpkin beer and cuddling under my handmade blankies. The changing seasons always seems to get me in a funk.  It's like I am ready to move on, but hesitant to do so.  I know the winter will bring me inside more so and even closer to home if I do have to go out.  I want summer to last just a little bit longer, I want to go to the beach again.  I want to do stuff outside.  I don't want to be stuck inside for a long cold winter.  I mean, last winter was like yesterday, right?!  I think thats why I am struggling so much more with this change of seasons.  I know what comes after the Fall.  So no matter how much I tell myself, I love the fall, this year I am just seeing it as a stopover to what comes next.  Many people in my area have the same thoughts.  It.Snowed.So.Much. last year.

I even (dare I say) like the winter, love the snow.  But not so soon.  ha.  I guess the moral of this is that we don't know what comes next.  This winter could be drastically different.  Maybe it won't snow at all (ha, fat chance of that).  Maybe my life will slow down enough so that I can enjoy those quiet winter days with beautiful snow falling out my windows.  Maybe if all goes well, we will be celebrating a new blessing for next year, a new life.  I know many of my thoughts have been coming back to that lately…to fertility treatments, to pregnancy, to babies.  I am glad we finally have a road to travel and we are finally going to pursue treatments, but I am deathly afraid they won't work. And that my dears, is why the winter scares me.  Because some day, I will look back on that as the winter that either "it" worked or the winter that it didn't work.

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