Sunday, January 10, 2016


Things have finally settled down since the holidays and the craziness that was work in November.  :(  My colleagues and I have come to terms with the way things went down back then and we have moved on.  The office is more peaceful and we are learning to get along with each other (without our boss).  I have found faith in my company again and am eager to see where the future leads me within the organization.

This week has been a bit odd.  They announced there is a position available in another office, which I have already applied for and I have an interview Tuesday.  Their manager is very aware of my promising job performance. But on the other hand, because of mediocre job performance, some of my colleagues are not able to apply for the new position, so a little tension there…although they don't know that I have applied. I think it will do me well to get away from some of the drama from my current office.  Because even if I say it right now, I know its probably only a matter of time until my colleagues throw fits again.  They believed I (and one other) were getting special treatment…but we had the numbers and we performed our jobs exceedingly well, while some of them did not perform as well.  Work ethic goes a long way, people, trust me.  I have been very successful and I am super proud of my accomplishments.  I went to school for teaching and am now working in customer service/travel, so my prior experiences don't necessarily match up with where I am, but my successes prove that I am motivated to learn and better myself.  For example…I met my reservations (car and hotel) goal by August of last year, had doubled my goal by the end of the year AND I led the office in customer satisfaction scores…and oh, I even made my monthly goals in November when I was out on medical leave for two weeks.  I attribute my successes to being content with where life has taken me.  Although it wasn't where I thought I would be…I couldn't be happier.  And I know that if my life had taken me elsewhere, I may not have been as healthy and happy.  So I am thankful for that.

I have recovered from my exacerbation in November as well…so my mood and enthusiasm has been better. Although this week, I have been waking up with sore throats and sinus-y issues.  I am hoping thats just because we are using the heat more.  Its been a crazy winter so far!  It was nearly 60 degrees on Christmas…and it has barely snowed.  Shhhh.  Hopefully it stays that way. I'm still recovering from last winter. ;)  We finally settled on a plow guy.  That was fiasco…Our old one called in November to check and see whether we still wanted him.  I kinda said "well I was really hoping to find someone who can help me shovel, not just plow."  We had SO much snow last year that it would have taken me days to shovel out a path to get to our cars.  It was ridiculous.  This man was an older man and didn't shovel, which I totally understand.  He got kind of defensive when I told him we needed more, like he was offended or something.  Whatever, we didn't have an attachment to him whatsoever, so it was easy to cut ties.  I called several landscape companies in the area…and NO ONE returned my calls.  That was also ridiculous. I mean, don't you want the business??  So finally I was talking to the girls at work and one of them (we have rarely seen eye to eye) gave me the name of a guy she knows.  I was so grateful, but at the same time afraid to call him.  I didn't want to feel like I owed her anything if I hired him.  So I sucked it up and called him…he was wonderful.  He's a young guy in the construction business, he was happy to help and he loves to do this for people.  He actually plows out disabled Vets in the area for free!  How sweet is that?!  He's expensive, but I think it will be worth it if we get any snow.  I am grateful to have that off my back.

Been knitting a crocheting a lot lately.  I did a bunch of orders for friends and family over Christmas.  I'll devote whole post to that soon.  I'd love to start marketing my stuff and really selling it.  I have a Facebook page, but its mostly just family that follows me.  Maybe if I put it out here on my blog more people will want to follow and see what I have to offer.  I'm always adding new items and trying different things.  I love that it can relax me and help me unwind after a long day.  I love being able to show off my creativity.  :)

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