Monday, March 28, 2016

Struggling Today

I didn't want for this blog (the whole thing, not just this post) to be all sad stuff, but to be honest, thats what its been.  I don't want people who read this to be judging that I am a sad and miserable person.  Because generally, I'm not.  I try to be positive even when I'm feeling down.  My life with Cystic Fibrosis has taught me that…life may shoot you down, but you gotta get back up and make good moments and memories.  But this struggle to conceive has been extremely difficult, more so than any physical pain I've endured over my lifetime.  Every time someone I know announces a pregnancy or has a baby, I am so conflicted with emotions I can't even begin to describe them.  Inside, I am reeling with heart ache and crying my eyes out.  On the outside, I smile and say what everyone else would say "I'm happy for you, congratulations." etc.

I want so bad to be happy for them, but I am torn with feelings of sadness for me. Why do I struggle?  Why does it appear to be easy for you?  I know in my heart that I shouldn't feel this way, that I should just smile and be glad for new life…but today I am sad.

The process is going to take us a lot longer than we thought to even get close to IVF.  We have to get all our fertility tests redone, then write to insurance and pray they cover most of the cost.  This is where we hope the tests prove we are infertile.  According to our insurance, we should be covered for both the IVF and the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis testing…but of course, I can't help but think they'll try to deny us.  I have a copy of the PGD policy, but I am still planning on calling Blue Cross to double check the coverage.

I find comfort in the fact that we are heading in the right direction, that we are getting these procedures ready to go…but I am very impatient.  We will have the tests done in the next few weeks and go back to meet with the fertility specialist in the middle of May.  At that point, we will discuss all of our results and go ahead to get insurance approval.  Once insurance has been approved the genetics company will create a probe to test for that single mutation we need eliminated.  That can take up to four months.

The whole idea of this process just…sucks.  I hate that we need it, I just want my family, my baby.  We've waited for so long and tried everything under the sun.  Why does my body continuously seem to fail me?  There are so many other parts of my body that don't work right…why this too?  Haven't my husband and I been through enough with our struggles?  With our illnesses?

But yet, we keep moving…we work full time, we own a home, we love each other, we have great supportive families.  That seems like we should be good candidates to be parents.  Why can't this one thing come easy for us?  Although I would never wish this struggle on anyone…sometimes I wish I could share my pain with more than just my infertile friends.  Sometimes I wish that others knew how hard this struggle actually is.  I believe that this will make us stronger and we will be better for having been through all this shit…that we will appreciate life and a child because it wasn't just handed to us.  As always in our lives…my husband and I know struggles, we will move on and we will make the best of what is given to us.  We will enjoy those small and special moments when we get blessed with them.


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