Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Job

So far its going really well.  I started Monday in a supervisory role in a new office, same company.  Its actually the corporate offices and a call center.  My department is relatively small in the scheme of the whole building…but I really like being around others.  It gives me more people to kind of befriend than my prior office.  My old job had only 9-10 people and if you didn't get along with anyone there weren't really places to escape to.  We had a lunch room and that was it.  This new office has probably 30-40 people working at a given time.  Not to mention the corporate offices are right upstairs.  Some people may find that intimidating, but we rarely see them where I am…its a comfort to know they are right there.  Of course if you had asked me that back in November when my boss got fired, I may not have agreed.  But I know realize what went down and I am on a good career path for me.  I did what was right for my happiness and for my family.  And I am away from the drama queens of my old office.  Yay!  Whats meant to be, will be.  I really like my company and it has been around forever, so another comfort. So long as I prove myself, I will continue on a good path.  Another good thing about being in this office is that we learn a lot more background stuff…the why's and how's of whats being done.  I honestly felt kind of left out in my old office.  Like we never knew the reasoning behind certain decisions.  

I've started training on my new responsibilities and thats going well too.  Its not much more at this point, but it has a lot of potential.  So if I can handle these jobs/responsibilities then I will be more able to move up quicker. Everyone seems happy to have me there.  In my old job, I had spent a lot of time on the phone with some departments that are in my new building and since I've made the move…its like I already have friends!  I have people to sit with at lunch and its not awkward like if it was a whole new company.  And because of my performance level at my old position, the HR and area manager seem very happy to have me!

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