Saturday, February 13, 2016

Not the way we planned

I don't want to say what happened yesterday hasn't made me upset, but on the whole, everything happens for a reason…I truly believe that statement.

We were all geared up for our fertility appointment and miraculously we only left about 10-15 minutes later than we planned.  In all honesty…that 15 minutes, may be the reason we are still alive.  We had thought Friday traffic before a holiday and school vacation wouldn't be so bad and we made relatively good time to a certain point…then we were stopped.  Barely moving 5 miles an hour.  As I got angrier, traffic still didn't move.  I was upset with my husband for downplaying the Boston traffic scene, I was mad that we had left later than planned.  

Come to find out there was a very terrible accident somewhere ahead of us that left one young teacher dead.  My heart sank.  It was a complete freak accident.  I feel like I have said this many times before, but if only I had left on time…things could have been very different.  I called the clinic several times to update them on our status and finally when we were a half hour late and still not at the exit, they decided to reschedule us.  Unfortunately, we can't be seen for another 6 weeks!  I am disappointed, but my thoughts are still with that young teachers family and friends.  The clinic will put us on a cancellation list, but because its a second opinion we have to have an early as possible appointment…so its unlikely we'd be able to make it last minute.  

I'm going to take this time to work through my emotions and concentrate on the life I've been given.  I start my new position (same company) on Monday as well as celebrate turning 32.  I have learned in my life to never take one day for granted and I will celebrate all the days I've been given.  Life's too short and you never know when your time will be up.  My days are precious.  And I think this delay will give me time to concentrate on my new position within my company.  I am nervous about change, but I am eager for the opportunity.  

I heard this country song the other day and sobbed through the entire thing. It's incredibly powerful.  Please take the 4+ minutes to watch and really listen to the words.  I listen to music often and I feel a huge connection to theses words.  I most certainly try to live by them daily.  ((And Tim McGraw is pretty good eye candy)) *winkwink*

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