Monday, May 4, 2015

Exercise Check-in

I need to come up with a snappy name for these segments…ideas welcome!  :)

Here is where I am going to update you with my exercise routines for the past week.  I am hoping this will motivate me to continue exercising.  I need that accountability or I will fall off the wagon.  My hardest part is Wednesday to Friday.  I just get so wiped out by work and life that I just don't do it. So last week, this is what I did (I was going to post yesterday, but it was too damn nice out)…

Saturday (April 25):  Gym workout.  This consisted of 15 minutes of elliptical and 15 of treadmill.  I don't usually pay attention to distance, but that is something I'd like to start doing also.  I'd love to see how far I can run.  Then I did a bit of weights, I can't remember what muscle groups I worked.

Sunday (April 26): T25 Alpha Cardio video at home.  This again, was pretty intense cardio and I was drenched in sweat.  Makes me feel like I am actually working out and that its doing something!  Also did some yard work and moved our bedroom furniture.

Monday: Break day.

Tuesday: Another gym workout.  30 minutes of cardio, then weights concentrating on my shoulders (which are very weak) and my abs. I met with a trainer because it sort of "came with" the gym membership.  I was not wholly impressed with him.  We sat down and chatted a bit, I told him I wanted to work my shoulders and abs most…but that I was open to any and all weight type training.  He showed me the bare minimum.  I did get some great ideas for shoulders and abs…but that was all.  Nothing more.  It was supposed to be one free hour of training and it was half that.  Maybe I asked too many questions. I did ask a lot about how do I know when to increase weight and reps?  Which he went over, but again it was mediocre.  And all the ab workout was on the floor…no weights.  So basically I don't need the gym for that.  Meh.  I guess I will have to research more myself.

Wednesday: Nothing

Thursday: Nothing

Friday: Nothing

See a trend here??

Saturday (May 2):  Gym workout.  30 minutes of cardio and then my ab and shoulder workout.

Sunday:  Yard work!  It was a picture perfect day here in the Northeast.  I treated my front yard for grubs (EWWWWWWW!!), then watered with the hose as we don't have a sprinkler.  Then I raked about 1/3 of the backyard to get rid of all the dead grass.  Then I fertilized that section of lawn (there are no grubs in the back) and watered that as well.  Raking is great exercise!  It worked my shoulders pretty intensely.  It wasn't much cardio, but with the heat of the day, I was sweating nicely.

And because I thought my blog was boring without any pics…let's hope I do not become like Chandler from Friends!  I can do this and I WILL continue!

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