Monday, May 18, 2015

Exercise Update

Sunday (May 10):  15 minutes of weights.  This was my ab and shoulder work. Then I also did 25 minutes of running on the treadmill.  I alternated 5 minute warm up, 5 minutes running, 5 minutes slower, 5 five minutes running and then a 5 five minute cool down.

Wednesday: 15 minutes weights, ab and shoulders again.  And again 25 minutes running/walking on the treadmill.

Thursday: 40 minute walk along the river after work.  It was a gorgeous day!  A coworker and I brought sneakers and walked after work.  So I was walking and talking for 40 minutes.  Walking and talking has always been difficult for me as I get very out of breath.  I am hoping with all this exercise, that will get better.

Friday:  15 minutes of weights, abs and shoulders.  And again 25 minutes of running/walking.  Today I was able to do 7 minutes of straight running, then a few minutes slower, then another 5 minute running spurt.  So in total I ran at speed 4.0 for 12 minutes!  My distance in still pretty low, I think I hit 1.3 miles or so.  I'd like to work up to be able to do a 5K distance.  Not sure if I'd ever actually do a 5K, but maybe if I can gain some confidence, it will motivate me to register for one.

Sunday: TONS of yard work.  I consider this exercise because I was super sweaty and salty by the end and I was getting out of breath.  I was lifting plants, shoveling dirt, picking weeds, spreading mulch and raking.  But I am happy to say it was worth it because our yard looks perfect!

Unfortunately, I did not do before and after pics, wooops.  And I did not plant EVERYTHING in these pictures yesterday, but I did do a lot of work.

In this picture, I only did the plant on the very end of the house, you can barely see it, but it'll probably come back stronger next year.  Its difficult to see, but it is a lilac bush!  I adore lilacs and LOVE the scent.  I debated whether to do this one in the front or the back, because we will more often sit in the back so I think I'd have enjoyed it back there.  But husband said we already had too much out back! I will settle for this being outside my bedroom window!

In this picture, I laid out the raised garden bed.  Again we debated where to put this because it is vegetables and will need full sun.  This seems to be the sunniest spot as we are surrounded by trees in the back and bushes on both sides of the yard.  It doesn't appear sunny in this picture, but this was taken late in the day around 6 or so.  I also spread the mulch around the patio and planted that gorgeous blue hydrangea.  I have another on on the other corner from last year that hasn't quite come up yet.  I also moved the hosta (thats the plant you can see straight ahead in the opposite corner).  Because of where we placed the vegetable garden, that plant was blocking an entrance to the patio.  Those come back heartier and heartier every year!  ((it only kind of bothers me that our patio is no longer symmetrical))

The vegetable garden has only a few plants for now.  I want to start small and if this works, then I'll add more next year.  We can always buy more of those wooden beds.  So for now, we have a tomato plant, eggplant plant and zucchini.  The marigolds are there to keep out animals. And there are two potted plants (with I think geraniums) on the front steps and two on the side steps (with full sun/hearty impatiens) for some color in the front of the house.  There is also a hanging plant near the side entrance/driveway.

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