Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Exercise Update

Well last week was pretty awful!  :(  I almost didn't want to even post my update, but what would be the benefit if I can't see the weeks that I am not doing well.  Right now, I will be able to look back and see why I didn't go to the gym much last week, and hopefully change that for future weeks so this doesn't happen as frequently.  (Looking back, I guess I did better than I thought I did…I still went three times last week).  Ironically, I can keep track of my exercise routine on my fertility app!  So I type in what I did and then I can go back and see.  For those that don't know, these fertility apps help you to track ovulation and your period so that you can plan baby making around the right times of the month.  You can add in your emotions on a certain day, whether or not you did the deed, answer questions about your cycle, track your temperature (which helps to pinpoint ovulation..or when the egg is released and ready for fertilization) and a number of other daily activities.  It really helps to keep everything handy on one app.

Sunday (May 17):  30 Minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights.

Monday: 30 minutes of cardio

Thursday: 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of weights.

So now today is Tuesday and I am feeling down because I haven't worked out since Thursday.  My reasons will probably be lame excuses, but I am attributing it the holiday weekend.  Fridays are difficult because its the end of the week and I am wiped out by then!  And I prefer to go every other day, don't want to exhaust my muscles too much.  Eventually, maybe I will be able to go more days in a row, but I don't want to burn myself out.  Saturday, I wanted to see my cousins new baby.  *sigh*  I love baby snuggles.  Since Hubby and I are going on vacation soon, I wanted to see the baby before we left because who knows how long it would be before I got another chance.  Not to mention I like to bring new parents a nice meal and if I wait a month, its not as meaningful, I would think.  Sunday was just a huge cookout at my Aunts house.  Again, its my only day to sleep in, so if we have plans, I can't always fit gym time in.  And yesterday, I think the gym was closed.

But today is a new week!  I had emailed my PT at CF clinic two weeks ago to update him on my exercising routine.  I told him I have been doing cardio, shoulders and abs…and he was kind of like you should be doing more strength since you also have weak hips, legs and basically everything.  LOL.  *insert shame face*  So he offered to help me figure out some good activities for everything and added bonus…its covered by insurance!  So I am working a half day today and going in to see him this afternoon.  He says he will be able to show me all types of exercises and weight training to strengthen my whole body.  I hope this session is as helpful as I want it to be and that its not a waste of my time.

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